The Land of Confusion

The land of confusion is all around us. There are so many outlets and so many experts. At times, all of the different ways of doing things and what is right is overwhelming. We must remember to be able to sift through information and find what works for the individual. I have had many influences to form who I think I am and what I believe in. This goes for a lot of things. Morals, values, religion, health, wellness, nutrition, exercise and how I deal with being a type 1 diabetic. In one way in another everything comes down to sticking to a some type of program that works. Having to answer the question of “who am I?” has been pretty eye opening for me on many levels. This question has forced some major reflection. In my head, the first answer was always “diabetic”. It has been such a huge thing in my life the last 26 plus years that separating from the disease has been quite difficult at times. The answer that I give now is “father, husband and teacher.” The disease I have is not who I am.

Caring for diabetes can be quite a daunting task. The key word is can. I probably have done everything under the sun to help me attempt to control the disease in my life. Some of the things have worked quite well and other things were a complete failure. Different styles of eating with gnarly restrictions to drinking Dr. Pepper and eating Cheetos almost everyday. Unfortunately, I allowed other people influence me to the point that I ran into some terrible outcomes. One of the restrictive diets I followed about 7 years ago put me through the ringer. It had never occurred to me to keep track of how much or in this case how little I was eating. Luckily a doctor that I met with asked me to track my calories and I was only eating around 1,200 calories. I thought I was doing everything right because I was leaning out. I ignored the fact that I was still trying to train hard and wanted nothing to do with much of anything because my energy was so low. After three liver biopsies and a muscle biopsy, I knew it was time to change. This is just one snap shot of one error with many others. I had let what others were doing at the gym, online and on social media. I was reaching for straws and hoping something would work.

Exercise ideologies can be easily lost in the land of confusion as well. The next big thing is always coming out. Trying to figure out a routine or a program can be quite maddening. ┬áTo a certain extent, every program works and every program doesn’t work. Programs and routines work when they are followed. Things like being consistent, persistent and patient are factors that lead to success. To say that certain programs don’t work is wrong in my opinion. The best results I have had along with others I have worked with have come from trusting the process. Find something you enjoy and don’t worry about the so called experts and what you read online. Be the best version of you. Quit comparing yourself to others. Do what you want.

Learning from our mistakes is huge. We learn from our failures and become stronger for the better. Sometimes I wish I could go back and warn myself about my choices, but I wouldn’t be in the place I am in now. Through some of these mistakes, I have met some great people that I consider family. My management and more importantly outlook on life is so much greater. With training, I have come to a place that I know what works well for me. I say this, but I realize it is very easy to slip back into the land of confusion.

If you are lost or need help with finding a program that fits your fitness needs, I am here to help. If I don’t think I can help first hand, I will try to help point you in the right direction. As far as nutrition goes, I can only suggest the team at Relentless Dietetics. They are real and they are family.

Find what works for you! Break diabetes!

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