The Good, The Bad, The Beetus

I have had a ton of ups and downs through my 26 years of type 1 diabetes. Some of my experiences have been very negative while others have been very positive. The amount I have learned about myself holds great value. The nights of thinking I was going to die because of DKA or being extremely low and not aware stick out big time. My doctor when I was a child and teen, was very supportive of my parents and I riding things out at home rather than going to the ER. When I think back, sometimes I wish the doctor would have told my parents to take me into the hospital when my blood sugars were super high. I think it would have been very beneficial to increase my level of respect and responsibility for my disease. My parents along with my doctor did not want to make me fearful of my disease. For this I am very thankful. No matter what I wanted to try to do, they were supportive.

I have allowed diabetes to make me anxious and nervous. The constant thinking, planning, preparation and health issues have driven me nuts at times. Diabetes is a disease that can’t be ignored without severe consequences. A huge part of my drive for lifting is from being a diabetic. The last thing I want people to do when they see me is to think of how I am diseased. Type 1 diabetes doesn’t have a look. Diabetics can be what ever they wish to be. With social media, there are so many great examples out there. No longer does a scared twelve year have to feel alone and think they are some kind of oddity.

Training and music are my go to tools to get me out of these holes that I dig for myself. I have also starting writing as well. One of my favorite bands was and still is the Rollins Band. I find the lyrics relate-able and motivating. I do understand if people get turned off by some of the songs and lyrics. One of my favorite songs is “Shine”. One of the lines is “its time to align your body with your mind.” It is a good reminder for me to stay strong both mentally and physically.

Training is my biggest escape. The time spent lifting strengthens my body and also strengthens my mind. Some of my greatest thinking and reflection occurs while under a barbell.


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