Part Animal Part Machine

Technology is a huge piece for care of diabetes. We are pretty lucky to have things like meters, pumps, CGMs, apps…etc. I resisted using anything more than my meter, syringes and insulin to care for my diabetes. About 11 years ago I gave an insulin pump a try and wore it until June of 2016. I wore a Dexcom CGM off and on from 2013-the fall of 2015. The pump and CGM worked pretty well for me with my control.

Unfortunately having two devices in my abdomen all the time drove me nuts. It was a constant reminder of having a disease and held me back from doing things. For me the positives don’t outweigh the negatives with these devices. For a ton of diabetics, they swear by the use of pumps and CGMs. For me, it is no longer the case. I don’t mind pricking my finger multiple times a day and giving myself shots. Being without the technology, I have been more planned and scheduled with everyday activities. I find that the more structured my days are the better. I am also saving money because the out of pocket expenses for test strips and syringes is way less than pump and CGM supplies. The financial burden was hard to handle when it was time to order new supplies.

The major benefitĀ of not being attached is mental freedom. I am more confident. I feel as though I can train harder and push myself harder in all that I do. I am also more comfortable with having my shirt off. Part of my work with Dr. Trevor Kashey includes sending him weekly pictures without a shirt on. The other day I looked at some of the old pictures from when I first started working with him. I have changed in so many ways over the almost two years. I used to dread the weekly pictures and I still do to a certain point. Being comfortable in my own skin is tricky for me. Training hard and pushing myself allows me to feel strong and confident. I am proud of the progress I have made in the last two years.

I used to use the term “Part Animal Part Machine” when I would refer to myself as a diabetic. It still holds true but without devices attached to me. It is now more of a mindset than something physical.


Here’s the picture from nearly two years ago compared to March 3, 2017. I still need to learn how to flex and have a long way to go to seek my full potential.

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