It has been a while since I have written anything on here…

To be honest, I was tired of being Jeffrey, the guy with diabetes. I just wanted to be Jeffrey,  the father, husband, brother, son and teacher. With November being Diabetes Awareness Month, a new little fire was lit. I have been through a lot during my 26 years of disease. Some of it has been great, while other times have been terrible. There were a few times where I thought I was staring at death and welcomed it. Some of the things that have helped me to live a fulfilling life with a disease is to push myself physically, write, and help raise funds to find a cure. I enjoy pushing myself physically the best.

Training, exercise, lifting, competing, activity or whatever else you want to call it, I have always loved it. Training for sports as a child was my favorite thing to do growing up. Shooting baskets all day and night in the driveway, running hills, agility drills and lifting weights is what I wanted to do when I had any free time. I still love all of these things and try to fit some of it in with being a father, husband and working full time. The activity makes me feel alive and disease free. I truly forget about diabetes while I am training. It can be a variable that affects how I do, but for the most part I just go for it. I have learned to dial in my insulin and food, so my training adds benefits such as insulin sensitivity and a disease free feeling.

The process of training for strength sports is what I love. Actual competition isn’t that rewarding for me. I always want more or think I could have done better. If we take the deadlift for example. I wanted a 600 pound deadlift really badly a handful of years ago. Once I hit 600, I wanted more. When I lifted 633, I wanted more.  Now I am working towards a 650 pound deadlift. Will I be satisfied with 650? Probably not. The process is what keeps me going. Going into my garage, playing my music loud, playing air guitar and having my kids with me is all the reward I need. It is an hour of confidence and empowerment!

The process of training mirrors the process with diabetes at times. There are ups and downs. Sometimes I need help and I am not motivated. I have made plenty of mistakes and learned from them. I still continue to make mistakes and continue to learn. It is never ending. If I don’t continue to learn, I will continue to fail. Other times, I feel like I can run through walls. If I don’t stick to the process with training or diabetes, the results will not be what I desire. I want to be healthy, strong, lean, active, positive and loving.

Ultimately, I hope that people can learn from my mistakes. Over the years, I have made a bunch. In the future, I will be writing about how these mistakes have ultimately turned into positive learning experiences.

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